Parenting tweens and teens in the digital age is uncharted territory. We want to keep them safe, but also need to allow them increasing autonomy to explore and connect online. It's a tricky balance!

In this online workshop, you'll get research-backed tips and tools to:

→ Have open, collaborative dialogues to create screen time rules together

→ Set boundaries around gaming, social media and internet use

→ Promote digital literacy and citizenship

→ Adjust approaches for neurodivergent teens and more!

This is a judgment-free zone where all your biggest questions and concerns around phones, apps, and screen time will be addressed head on:

🗨️ Have regular family meetings to set screen time expectations together

🗨️ Involve them in designing screen time agreements

🗨️ Seek their input and really listen to find win-win compromises

🗨️ Tailor rules based on your child's maturity level

🗨️ Revisit rules as they gain responsibility and independence

Understanding Tween/Teen Technology Use

✓ Current research on how tweens/teens are utilizing tech - good and bad

✓ How teens are balancing online and real world social lives

Promoting Healthy Technology Habits

✓ Setting collaborative rules and tools around gaming, social media, internet

✓ Strategies for promoting digital literacy and citizenship

Individual Considerations

✓ Adjusting approaches for neurodivergent teens

✓ Answering our more requested questions and what to do if they are being sneaky?

Reserve your spot & get empowered to

handle the digital parenting frontier confidently!