Balanced Screen Time Strategies


Screen time struggles are one of the top 3 challenges cited by parents in our clinical work.

It’s enough to make many parents want to throw the iPad out the window and call it a day!

At the same time, screens and technology are a part of modern parenting that are here to stay. We cannot send our kids out into the world unprepared to manage screens in the modern world.

How can we do this when we are inundated with so many fear-inciting (and often contradictory) messaging around the potential dangers of screen time.

As always, our aim is to approach this topic with evidence and balance.
child helping parent clean

By investing in this workshop, you'll gain the tools to help separate the research from the noise when it comes to screen time and young children.

In this workshop you will learn:

1: Research-backed general screen time recommendations (spoiler: they are more flexible than you think!)

2: A 5-step process for evaluating and adjusting your family’s current screen time habits

3: How to adapt “general” guidelines for neurodivergent kids who often need more structured tools when it comes to screens

4: How screen time guidelines apply to video game usage in young children